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You still got that bubbly?

January 1 · Issue #6 · View online
demi & brut
Sip on This
Happy New Year! A little birdie told me that you got that bubbly left over from last night’s celebration. So I’m here to share a few cocktail recipes sure to help you gulp down…I mean, sip the rest of your bubbly as you continue celebrating the New Year. Yes, I know you have to work tomorrow. Yes, I still want you to indulge in a little cocktail with your breakfast, brunch or after you get back from the gym (new year, new you, right?).
He thinks he's me.
First things first, have you seen this video? I encourage you to do this celebratory bubbly twerk routine for 15 mins to get your cardio in for the day. You’ll burn bonus calories if you scream “I got that bubbly!”
Woo! Ok, now that we’re done sweating, it’s time to hydrate. Bring on the bubbly!
Around the Way Girl
Bamboo earrings, at least two pair
If your husband buys you champagne, but you love some Henny (Alexa, play In My Feelings.), this cognac meets champagne cocktail is for you. It combines a bit of Hennessy V.S. with your favorite champagne (go brut), a few dashes of Angostura bitters and a sugar cube. Toasting to you and the babies you’ll make after you drink this. Mazel!
You’re, No, Angel, Either, Baby
Please do not drink your champagne from a red plastic cup in 2019.
When Beyonce sang “Angel,” my spirit tells me it was an ode to the French 75 cocktail. Underneath its pretty presentation—elegant champagne glass with a thin spiral lemon peel inside—is something complicated. It comes with a side of trouble: gin. There’s something about the combination of juniper berries, bubbly and a lemon juice that tantalizes all of the senses. It’s a sexy, mysterious ride into the unknown but I promise you’ll enjoy the final destination. You may wake up naked, but hey it’s ok. New year, new adventures!
Guys, I still really miss Whitney.
If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to “eat better,” this cool, refreshing sparkling punch will push you closer to your goals. It combines the sweet, floral deliciousness of elderflower liqueur with cranberry and orange juices, delicious fresh fruit (see: healthy) and that leftover bubbly. Close your eyes and inhale the fragrant fruits mingling with the elderflower. Then exhale all the bad decisions you made last night. All is forgiven.
Salt All Around that Rim Rim Rim Rim
Me judging you even when I say no judgment.
You never fell asleep last night. The ball dropped, things got crazy, and you can’t find your panties. New year, no judgment. Since you’re probably calling out from work tomorrow, it’s okay to keep the party going. Grab your leftover bubbly, find the tequila, send someone out to grab some limes and whip up this Prosecco margarita. And don’t forget the salt!
Champagne Chocolate Bomb
Now I want brownies.
Chocolate makes everything better even champagne! Luxuriate on the couch in your finest pajamas, drape yourself in your coziest blanket and play Nancy Wilson’s “I Wish You Love” while you enjoy this decadent chocolate and champagne cocktail. The recipe calls for an ounce of stout beer, which seems like an odd addition, but combined with bubbly, it delivers a bit of fruitiness you’ll enjoy.
Sip to This
It's time for a new album, Solange. Put the champagne and chronic down, sis.
I’m adding Solange’s Champagne Chronik Nightcap to the demi & brut bubbly-inspired playlist this week. Please smoke and drink responsibly.
I usually spend New Year’s Eve cleaning the entire house, washing all the laundry and doing whatever other superstitions and traditions my mother ingrained in my mind. But this year, I did something a little different. Instead of caring for the things around me, I spent my time caring for myself.
Here are a few products I used:
Clink. Clink.
#momgoals #makethemkidsmakeyourich
Today I’m raising my glass to you. 2018 was filled with a little bit of everything. But you’re still here. You made it through, and you’re doing amazing sweetie. May this New Year bring you peace, warm embraces, laughter, love and of course, bubbly.

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